Grape Juice

Simple recipe.

1 cup grapes washed and stems removed.

1 cup sugar or honey two tablespoons

Fill quart jars with boiling water.

Process in a water bath canner for twenty to twenty five minutes. Cool and let rest for at least three weeks.


The ones on the left have honey and on the right is sugar.

The sugar seemed more dissolved when they first came out but then settled to the bottom of the jars. I remember doing this when I was a kid with Mom and Aunt Hazel’s grapes what came out was the best juice ever.

This gal on YouTube nailed it.


Cabinet Work

The last month of weekends have been spent working on a kitchen cabinet/pantry. Wayne from down in Randall built the cabinet and I put a whitewash pickling finish on it out in the garage.

This past week I spent working nights and a couple of days down sick with a cold so it was nice to finally get something done.

Today I got some help and we finally carried it into the house. Below are some pics of the cabinet with the doors on and some of the demolition of the old closet that this replaces.

DemolitionCabinetI need to put the handles on the doors and drawers and trim in the walls around the cabinets, but this is progress.


I’ve been hearing something odd outside the last few nights. Sort of sounded like a fox and dog cross, odd and hard to describe. I think maybe we found out what it was tonight.


Kirsten saw this while out walking tonight. Looks like a car hit it. I’ve never seen a bobcat before other than stuffed in the NY Museum.