Best Vacation Ever

As a kid there were five kids in our family and Mom and Dad, we went on vacation once. Mom said we were going to Florida and Dad said Louisville, Kentucky. We ended up in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

We spent a couple of days at the battlefield and visited all sorts of neat historical locations. We learned about Little Roundtop and Devils Den as well as Pickett’s Charge. We listened to readings of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and visited a panoramic painting of the battle

We visited the Hershey plant and stayed in a town with a huge Musselman smoke stack and a five and dime that we visited several times.

We watched Buck Rogers on TV, the old black and white version and ate in the hotel room. The hotel room had a small kitchen and two rooms one for mom and Dad and the other for the four kids that came on this trip. My older sister Sandy was in College and she claims this was the best trip she ever missed.

On the way home we stopped someplace in the Catskill’s and rode the zoom flume.

Worst vacation ever.

These posts are a tribute to vacation stories written by my nephews.

Worst Vacation Ever

As a kid there were five kids in our family and Mom and Dad, we went on vacation once. Mom said we were going to Florida and Dad said Louisville, Kentucky. We ended up in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

The transmission was dropping out of the car and that sort of limited the distance that we covered. Then there was the small matter of money, we didn’t seem to have enough to get as far as Gettysburg much less any other destination. Some place in Pennsylvania Dad found a Beneficial Finance office and borrowed a few hundred dollars so we could complete the trip and get back home. Very spontaneous and off the cuff that was Dad.

It was just enough to spend a few nights in a hotel and visit a few local attractions. We drove up to Hershey Park and checked the price on going in then took the free factory tour and skipped the amusement park side of things.

In Gettysburg I wanted to visit the Wax Museum but that just wasn’t in the budget. We all crammed into a tiny efficiency hotel room and watched black and white TV shows.

For lunch one day we had bologna sandwiches on Wonder bread while sitting in the car. It rained cats and dogs, and the A/C didn’t work. The Wonder bread was so damp your fingers went right through it. The baloney was was warm and the mustard warmer. Andrew Smith was all of about two years old and cranky, not a pretty sight at all.

Best vacation ever.

These posts are a tribute to similar vacation stories written by my nephews.

We grow spoons in the garden

My elder sister related to me a story about our dad, that she heard from our grandmother. It seems my grandmother was running out of spoons very mysteriously. All winter long the spoon supply dwindled down lower and lower. Spring came and the garden was tilled and as the soil was worked spoons began to show up in the fresh earth.

Come to find out my dad was grabbing a spoonful of peanut butter every morning as he headed out to the barn to do chores. Where would you put the spoon once the peanut butter was gone? To dad it seemed good to just toss it over in the garden.

That my friends was an excellent year for the spoon harvest.

I had a good day today

I got a call last night for a fan going bad in a site two hours from my house, replacement could wait until Saturday morning as it was one of three.

Carmelita hold me tighter
I think I’m sinking down
And I’m all strung out on heroin
On the outskirts of town

Saturday morning I set out after breakfast and headed down to the office to get a spare. After some digging around in piles of junk I came up with what I needed and headed out to the site.

Over and over
Everybody met my prediction
So if I get stoned I’m just carryin’
On an old family tradition

After an annoying drive up the Northway and through Lake George through traffic consisting of vacationers with with big slow RV’s each plastered with signs saying vacation here we come and other stupid things. I finally arrive go in and replace the fan and everything works.

On the way home I came back on 29 and 67 with music playing off my smart phone. For the first time ever it is actually smart. People like Warren Zevon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hank Williams Jr, and Rory Block made the ride enjoyable. A smattering of Buddy Guy and BB King didn’t hurt either.

Then tonight the neighbor has a very nice fireworks show and I go out in the yard to watch it in my bare feet. Not to shabby.