LVM grub not booting after upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04

I updated a Dell server that I use for work and ran into a few problems on the reboot. I ended up with a grub> prompt and it wouldn’t go any further after some research I figured out the system was unable to find my root file system.
I used an alternate install CD with the rescue option to sort out where root belonged. To do this I used vgdisplay and pv. The drive turned out to be /dev/octane/root instead of the default name and I think this was causing the problems. I passed grub the information:
linux /vmlinuz-version.number-generic.pae root=/dev/octane/root
initrd /initrd-matching.version-generic.pae
The version numbers showed by using the tab key to auto complete and worked fine using the same version number on initrd and vmlinuz.
Everything is working correctly now but I have yet to try a reboot and see if it picks things up after running update-grub.

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