No knead bread

I should have let it rise a bit more, I mixed the dough at 4PM Saturday and then at 6:30 AM Sunday pulled it out and rolled it in flour. I think it really needed that eighteen hours of rise time to make it right. I used two cups of whole wheat flower and one cup of white four, other than that I followed the recipe.


Ford Freestar Cruise Control

Check the fuse and its good then check the switch on the bottom of the master cylinder with a jumper across the two wires. This is number one and number sixteen, I just put the jumper across number one. Looks like I have to replace the switch after putting a paper clip in for a jumper and driving up the road it worked like it should. Reconnect the switch and the cruise control turns on but when you try to set it the light blinks on and right back off. This started with cruise control working sometimes and not others. 
From what I read I may get a few drops of brake fluid when I pull the switch out, but as long as I replace it right away not much should leak out. 
I found it through Amazon for $16.80
“Motorcraft SW6580 Cruise Control Switch”

Debbie’s bread from Country Side Magazine

This made four to five loaves so I had to do math to get it down to one loaf. What you see below is my math for one loaf. This can also be used for burger buns or cinnamon raisin bread/rolls with some minor changes.

One Teaspoon yeast (was four)
One quarter Teaspoon of Maple Syrup (was one)
One quarter cup of warm water. (was one)
Mix together and let sit ten minutes to activate the yeast.

One half cup hot water. (was two)
One half cup of milk. (was two)
One half cup of rolled oats. (was two)
One twelfth cup of olive oil roughly two tablespoons. (was one third, its fuzzy math)
One eighth cup molasses. (was one half cup)
One egg (This was two eggs so I just cut it in half)
One eighth cup of Flax seed ground. (was one half)
One eighth cup of pumpkin seeds ground. (was one half)
One eighth cup of Sesame seeds crushed. (was one half)
One eighth cup of sunflower seeds crushed. (was one half)
Mix with the first four ingredients.

One quarter tablespoon Xanthan or Guar gum for thickener. (one tablespoon)
One half cup whole wheat flour. (was two cups)
Three quarter cup spelt flour. (was three cups)
One and one quarter cup white flour. (was five cups)
Mix it all together and let it rise until it doubles in size
Punch down and place it in a greased, floured bread pan.
Let it rise until it doubles in size.
Bake at 375 degrees for thirty to thirty five minutes.

Debbie Morey
Perth Ontario, Canada
Country Side Magazine