Communism, family vacations, and other things.

Mr Ed, The Muppets, and Alf all communist talking animals. Dad used to go on with his rants about how these TV shows were tearing the fabric of our country apart.
The Dukes of Hazard and other shows also contributed to this downfall, with their disrespect of authority. I thought maybe the TV sitting out on the front porch unplugged tore more at my familys fabric more than any fuzzy snow laced show we saw on the TV over the rabbit ears. Another thing how did the Rockford Files contribute to the building up of America?
Family meetings where dad talked and we listened, mom would get up and leave. Then the next day we would move again to another house, we moved faster than anyone I ever met. This was about the same time the TV had bouts with being banished to the porch.
I mentioned this week at work that when I was a kid we went on vacation once when I was a kid. We all packed up in the car and headed for Florida or maybe Kentucky, depending on if you asked mom or dad. We made it as far as Gettysburg Pennsylvania when the money ran out and a loan was taken from Vito aka Beneficial Finance. We had a great time in and around Gettysburg visiting the battlefield and wax museum as well as other places.

I had dinner with my brother Chris on Saturday and we talked about some of the things that went on when we were children, it was a good time.

Constance Maskell AKA Shorty

Dad’s old friend from when Dad worked at a truck stop outside Albany cleaning tractor trailers. Shorty had polio when he was young and was left at an orphanage run by nuns. He had very little good to say about any nun after this experience.
Shorty had a house that was set up with everything at the correct height for him to reach from his wheelchair. As a kid I was fascinated by the house and the way Shorty would get around. Today I always think that house was someplace off Washington Ave Ext. A squat low building more like a shed than a house, in sort of a butternut yellow.